The smart way to identify and select the best arbitrators for your case

Streamlines the arbitrator ranking and selection process, summarizing disclosure reports into one easy-to-read document for customer arbitrations

Delivers quantitative rankings of an arbitrator's decisions, flagging key analysis factors -- including punitive awards -- for your final qualitative review

Arbitrator Evaluator advantages

Saves research time

allowing you to focus on selecting the right arbitrators

Powered by 30 years

of Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc. (SAC) awards data and FINRA arbitration decisions

Provides essential information

and links to awards for better decision-making

"Arbitrator Evaluator is a powerful new tool developed by Bates Group. It simplifies and enhances the arbitrator selection process, allowing our clients to identify the best panel for their cases. It also complements our suite of services, including damages analysis and expert consulting, and reinforces our ongoing commitment to supporting our clients' success."

Jennifer Stout, CEO, Bates Group
What you get
  • Dashboard views and quick links to provide an easy comparison of all arbitrators
  • Biographical data and award details available for each arbitrator
  • A preliminary ranking for each panel position
  • Ability to re-rank arbitrators based on additional qualitative data unique to your matter
  • Custom notes section which can be saved and shared
  • Fast turnaround time!

Candidate Evaluation Ranking

Quantitative ranking of arbitrators based on previous award history and damages awarded

Outcome Favorability

Prior awards ranked by outcome favorability for each arbitrator

Total Awards

Easy-to-understand graphics that reveal total awards, claimed damages, and punitive damages granted

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